Everything began when I attended a lecture in my Spiritualistic Group on Joana d´Arc and for verifying so deep your real history, for your courage – that I need a lot – I had motivation to look for to know in the details through the book psicographiced for Ermance Dufaux that had the purity of receiving such high spirit. To each chapter I will be publishing a small summary with my own words as a study should be made and I hope like this to take that love feeling to Jesus, faith and courage the all honoring the Spirit of Joana d´Arc, discovering your last lives, tying the material history with the spiritual.
However, to enter in the spiritual context, first I should prove the reincarnation, so that the reader can remove advantage of that blog.
Therefore, for who doesn’t believe in the reincarnation, it would like to try to prove her/it from birth through the reflection of the situations of people deficient, crippled, with syndromes, and other more serious problems. How that proof the reincarnation? Well then, Newton in the help for your third law: “For each action there is always an opposite reaction and of equal intensity”. Badly knows him that not only just discovered a law of the universal nature in the physical plan, but in the spiritual too. The exemplification is simple and rational – who practices an act against somebody it will receive in the same proportion in own, even if is in another life. If the person mutilated somebody – he/she will be born mutilated, if killed using yours hands – a paralytic, if committed suicide – with down syndrome or any other one, and so on. Aristotle in your wisdom said “we are repeatedly what we do”, which in the wait in the future depends today of our actions. Perhaps if he/she still enters in a discussion larger, that it is the existence of God, in spite of also to be proven by Newton’s law… because God “..is the cause of everything that is not the man’s work. There is not causeless effect.” once again for the logic and reason and a little of the self questions: “If God is exactly, good, why are deficient people born?”. Does my reflection take me for the following answer: For the own applied individual’s act in the universal law of the cause and effect.

Basic Request – What is Spiritism?

Is not a religion!? What is Spiritism by the way?
The Spiritism is not just a religion, it is a life philosophy stepped in the science, in the observation of the facts, study and proof. We are spirits arrested to our bodys and if the reader dedicates some time in a research with certainty he will find concrete proofs that also exist spirits that not more they are arrested to the body like us. A brasilian medium Chico Xavier is proof of that. How somebody with primary study could write 400 books, among many, and great part of them only be read with a dictionary! ? ?
Therefore we doesn’t have more time for doubts, the logical reasoning open our eyes into the Spiritism – the promised Consoler for Jesus in so many passages in the Bible – through the Spirit of the Truth, Allan Kardec codified all the teachings and truths of the universe. The people at the time of Jesus was live they were not prepared for that truth, but we now are.

“It is a paradox the earth to move about of the sun and the water to be constituted highly by two gases inflammable. The scientific truth is always, if judged by the daily experience that holds on to the ephemeral appearance of the things.”    Karl Marx

The Study

We will be here beginning the study of the book “The history of Joan of Darc dictated by herself”, psicographic for Ermance Dufaux – a spiritual medium that help own Allan Kardec. Any comment will be welcome. We invited people that are reading or had already read that book of great historical value and participate in that blog. Sorry about mistakes of english because my original language is portuguese and I will be happy if someone correct me.


Beginning the study of the book “the history of Joan of Arc dictated by herself” I hope to open constructive discussions so that we can be contemplating about our life, our evolution before of that example that was Joana dArc.

In the foreword the spirit of Joana dArc tells humility, looking for not to be high for your fact worthy of a lot of pride and vanity of the grandiose done. Below some beauty passages:

“When all my efforts and all the attempts were shown useless, God then stuck to for the hand and he made to transpose myself the some and to overcome the other ones.”

“The mundane pleasures are as the flowers of the Ephemeral; but the pleasures of the healthy duty as the flowers of the Immortality, that don’t never wither.”

Spirit of Joan of Arc

That in the day today we can exercise a little of the humility and to proceed in our road of the life with a lot of peace and determination.

Joan of Arc´s life is the first documentary evidence of the existence of the spiritual world.

Welcome to Jean of Arc Blog…   http://jeanofarc.wordpress.com/

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18 04 2007
Spritual Study of the book "The history of Joan of Arc" by Ermance Dufaux « Spiritual Study About Jean of Arc

[…] Spritual Study of the book “The history of Joan of Arc” by Ermance Dufaux Start Study here. […]

23 04 2007
26 04 2007
12 02 2012
Matheus Aragão

I’d like to know if it’s possible to download “Joan of Arc’s History” by ermance Dufaux, free of charge.

13 02 2012

Sorry, but this book there is not avaliable for free download… but worth buying.

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